introducing . . . .

it's with great pleasure we introduce you to the newest cake & valley family member {and mr. coffee's family too} our little cupcake georgina lea riley. she arrived four weeks ago today. on that day the world spun a little faster & slower all at the same time, our hearts grew a little {okay, a lot} bigger, and everything felt right. eventually {ie in the next few weeks} we'll post some of little georgi's newborn photos, do a recap of maternity style, share cake's top must haves for a new mom . . . . etc; however for today just enjoy the pictures and few fun facts about our georgina.


cake & valley.

1. she's named after her maternal grandfather {george} & paternal grandmother {lea}
2. she spends 90% of her days in her jammies
3. she loves to see the new hampshire sunrises
4. she doesn't like doggie kisses yet and is startled when they sneeze on her
5. she has some serious checks; she gets those from both mom & dad
6. she farts so loud she has woken herself & the dogs up
7. she has some serious lung power & stamina - it's heartbreaking to see these in action together
8. she likes to "jog" with dad from one side of the house to the other
9. she's gotten gifts from across the world- california to azerbaijan {yup that's a place, google it}
10. she sneezes 2 and half times in a row
11. she's perfect <3

personalized onsie by courtney bock designs {more pictures to come on the blog soon!}

 one big yawn for such a little girl- mr coffee compared it to looking down a whales mouth! ha!

she clearly didn't want any more pictures taken.

daddy & his little girl.

just like mommy she has to have one leg out when sleeping.

our one eared sleepy little easter lamb.

 morning snuggles make those sleepless nights soooooooo worth it.
for more gerogi pictures just check out our instagram account!


gray scale. cake.

friday, friday, friday. we're in love with you. the weather is still pretty gray but we're still surviving. anyone have big plans for the weekend? we will be relaxing, staying warm, and discuss the great debate of gray vs. grey. 


cake & valley

jeans: asos, waffle shirt: free people {similar here}, jacket: jcrew collection {reverse side seen here}, boots; minnetonka, sunnies: ray ban, bag; LV.


gray scale. valley.

with the way the weather's going who isn't feeling a little grey!?!?! winter feels like it's never going to end. but, we're both trying to stay positive!!! luckily the sun was out enough to wear some fun sunnies. sadly it made us miss warmer weather. are you guys fairing any better than us. silver lining....it's thursday!!!!


cake & valley

turtleneck: forever 21 {similar here}, jeans: jcrew {newer version here}, coat: jcrew, scarf: urban outfitters {similar here}; bag: marc by marc jacobs {similar here}, boots: ugg, sunnies: prada, mittens: made by our mom (she's the best!!!)


the union. cake.

this top is the best pregnancy top- thank you hatch collection! 
do you all think it's going to warm up soon? we're ready.

happy tuesday.

cake & valley.

top: hatch collection, tank: target, jeans: asos, shoes: ugg, vest old navy {similar here}, jacket: tjmaxx {similar here}, bag: rachel zoe {similar here}, hat: urban outfitters, sunglasses: ray-ban, mittens: made by mom :)


the union. valley.

a no leggings post for your viewing pleasure :)
enjoy your monday.


cake & valley.

sweater: zara {similar here}, button down: ralph lauren, jeans: j.crew {white version here}, jacket: old navy, vest: north face, boots: ugg australia, bag: deux lux {similar here}, sunglasses: ray-ban, snood: our mom made this one too :)